Hey all, I was lucky enough to be asked to do another wedding proposal photoshoot last week. Seems as i am getting a reputation as the king of proposal photography ! Ha love it!

Shan contacted me from London and wanted photography and video for a surprise proposal for his lovely wife to be. They were coming to Dubai for a business trip and he had arrange to stay at the fabulous Anantara Hotel on the Palm Dubai . This is a really beautiful hotel with a strong Thai theme and I would say without any hesitation that it is the friendliest 5 star hotel in Dubai. The staff are a cut above the rest and nothing is too much trouble.


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As Shan was in the UK, I was happy to work closely with the hotel to work out the details and timing of the shoot.  Naomi and Jennifer were a pleasure to deal with and together we worked out the finer details. This included a funny story to allow Shan to get back to the room ahead of Karen without her being any the wiser. It worked a treat and Karen seemed total surprised when she was led out to the beach!

The Anantara staff had done a fabulous job of preparing a romantic set up on the beach straight out from their villa. This was  resplendent with flower petals, candles and lovely table set up. Shan had also organized some music from classical harpist Lidia Stankulova . I would totally recommend Lidia as her music is truly beautiful.

_DSC5725 _DSC5733


The surprise was total and Karen seemed incredibly happy and overwhelmed. I know its sounds a cliché but its honestly such an honor to be present for these special moments. Once the proposal unfolds my team works from a discrete distance to give the couple privacy while still capturing the moment perfectly.

_DSC5744 _DSC4335


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After Shans romantic proposal we walked down the beach for some photos and a video interview with Karen. This is a lovely way to ensure they remember the emotion of the moment in the years to come. We had then organized for a quick couple photoshoot before the couple sat down to an amazing dinner.  We then discretely left so the couple couple enjoy the moment alone.

_DSC5785 _DSC5778 _DSC5780 _DSC5792

I have to say that Shan and Karen are two of the loveliest people we have met and all of us got on so well. It was such a pleasure to be there for them and I wish them all the best for their future together.

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