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It all started with our own wedding photos, where we took a helicopter to the top of a snow clad mountains near Wanaka in New Zealand. There in the snow, and the cold, we had the most amazing experience – set against some of the most epic views in the world.

What made it really special, was it was an authentic experience. We didn’t want posed images, and we didn’t want ‘normal’. We follow our heart and live a life of passion, and we wanted our engagement and wedding images to reflect that.

What if you could have the same experience, but set against the epic backdrop of the Arabian Peninsula?

Our engagement photography is not scripted or posed. It is your story as a couple, told in a creative and exciting way.

We have explored a number of different locations around Dubai, that offer a genuinely adventurous experience. This maybe exploring the vast, epic desert. Or the stark beauty of a rocky wadi, or perhaps an Arbra boat ride on The Creek in the historical center of Dubai. Better yet, an adventure of your own creation that will give you the sort of engagement photos that wow you for a lifetime.

If you would like us to join you on the road less traveled, please email us for pricing and details.