Hi there, we are Bernie and Bindi – lovers – explorers – photographers

In many ways, photography is a bit like music, it really polarizes people. When we hear a song we love, it can really speak to our soul. Often its difficult to say why – sometimes its the words, sometimes the tune itself. But we know instantly when we love something, we know deep down inside. Wedding photography is exactly the same – some styles you will love, some you will hate, and some will be like elevator music – and bore you to tears. When you find the right style of photography for you, it will just ‘feel right’. You will make some emotional connection with the images, perhaps without knowing why. 

Bindi and I are documentary wedding photographers, and we are here to tell the story of your day as it really is. Candid images that are not posed, or ‘photoshopped’ to death. For us a wedding is not a fashion shoot, its a celebration of love, a story full of genuine moments and emotion.

To shoot these candid moments we only need two things from you, to trust us and then to ignore us. If you do, then we are free to shoot your day as it really is. Your exciting, beautiful, running late, laugh your head off, messy, funny, embarrassing, party hard, letting it all hang out on the dance floor day. 

Love too much, laugh too much, dance too much. Be yourself – your photos will be epic. Forever. 

We prefer to shoot weddings together. Why? Because your photos will be twice as good – seriously. We are not a primary and secondary shooter – we are both award winning, equally good, fighting over the best spot, excited over beautiful light, my photos are better than yours photographers. As a couple we have a little chemistry ourselves, and a little magic happens when we both have a camera. It allows us to be more creative and gives you better images – no matter the size of your wedding. We laugh a lot. We believe in quality over quantity – always. You may find us cuddling at your wedding, and even dancing (if your really unlucky), we will drink your red wine (if you let us). Oh and yes, of course we can take some more staged family photos or a couple shoot on your day. Those things are important – we just want you to understand that for us, first and foremost will always be candid moments. 

We are originally from beautiful New Zealand but have lived for many years in the Middle East with our beautiful kids and puppy. We value friends, family, and moments over mountains. We laugh lots, drink too much coffee and are suckers for an stunning sunset. We love good food, great music and a bottle of wine. We are madly in love ourselves.

If our style seems like a good fit for you, then please reach out. We would love to hear from you, and know more about your story.



Heres some images of our family and our story




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