Hi, we are Bernie & Bindi, documentary wedding photographers- we are glad you found us!

Our ‘about us’ is a little different, that’s because our style of wedding photography means we are not the focus of your big day, you are. I know, pretty radical thinking! So instead of telling you what we like for breakfast ( toast), we have listed some thoughts that may describe you. If these thoughts and our images do resonate with you then we may be a good match for each other. If not, then we encourage you to look for a photographer that really ‘feels right’. Trust us – your wedding images will be better for it.

So if we can be so bold, we believe you are here because you want something a little different for your wedding photography.

We think the idea of stiffly posed couples with frozen smiles is really not your thing. In fact we wouldn’t be surprised if simply looking into the camera made you a little uncomfortable. However you do want beautiful, natural images that document your day as it unfolds. Images that convey how you really felt on the day – laughter, tears and all.

We think you understand that good wedding photography is not just taking ‘snaps’, it is creative art – and it has value.

We also think you are looking for photographers can you can trust, that make you feel completely at ease. A fun team that will fit it well with your family and friends, and won’t feel like strangers.

We know that you will love, that for every wedding big and small, you will have both of us as your photographers. This is our way of giving you the best value, the best coverage and the most creative images possible.

So now a little about us; we are husband and wife wedding photographers specialising in authentic, unscripted and emotional imagery. Our version of wedding photojournalism. We live in Dubai with our beautiful kids and best friend dog. We value friends and family, meeting new people and awesome wedding speeches. We laugh lots, drink too much coffee and are suckers for an stunning sunset or epic thunderstorm. We love good food, great music and solving the worlds problems over a bottle of wine. We are madly in love ourselves (as you can tell from the goofy looks in our wedding photo above), and we genuinely live to capture that expression of love in others.

We only shoot a limited number of weddings each year because each wedding we accept is unique, and deserving of our full creative attention.

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