I am pleased to introduce our guest expert Monica Hernandez from MHG Beauty . Monica has over 13 years experience as a make-up artist and hair designer both in Dubai and overseas.

Here are some tips from Monica for the bride-to-be.



There are a few things that are important to take into consideration few months before you special day. I actually think this should be our way of life, maybe for you it is, maybe it isn’t and this can be the perfect time to start.  We all have a different definition for beauty, for me it’s all about listening to your body and mind, as well as being true to who you are.




You want to be true to who you are, and this is a day to showcase exactly that, you want to have makeup and hair that you not only love but is true to you. What I mean by this, is for example if you have never worn a smokey eye, this is not the day to try it out. It probably looks amazing on you, but if you are not used to it, you will feel uncomfortable. If for some reason you really want to try something different, I would suggest you wear that look several times before your wedding day so that you get used to it. I think going with a look that feels natural to you is a good idea if you think of the amazing photographs that will be taken. You want to be able to look at them years from now and still love your makeup and hair. Having mentioned this, I strongly suggest having a professional do both your makeup and hair on that very special day, this will guarantee it will last all day and will look amazing in pictures. Your makeup artist and hairstylist will make sure everything looks perfect from every angle. All you have to do is have a sit, relax and enjoy.




Talk to your makeup artist and hairstylist about the location of your event, it makes a big difference if you will be indoors than being outdoors. You don’t want to be worried about not being able to dance freely because you feel your hairstyle or makeup will be ruined. All you have to do is mention your priorities and your makeup artists and hairstylist will know exactly what options to suggest so you can choose your favorite one.




Yes what you’ve heard before is true: “we are what we eat”. If you want your skin and you hair to look amazing on that special day, it all starts with what you eat, what you drink and also getting enough sleep. Getting a 30 min workout in at least every other day would be the cherry that tops it all.

I won’t go too much into detail with this because I could literally write for hours about it, but I will give you the basic most important things to pay attention to:

-No sugar (specially refined), try natural stevia or honey

-Try eating 50-70% plant based

-Lower or omit your gluten intake (especially bread, white rice, pasta)

-Drink lots of water, green juices and coconut water

Favorite places to eat healthy in Dubai: Wild and the Moon, Comptoir 102

And if you want to try a juice or meal plan: Essentially




I feel it’s important that everything comes together, by this I mean your wedding’s theme, your dress, accessories, makeup and hair should all be in harmony. This will look amazing not only in real life, but in your wedding pictures. Make sure to show your dress to your makeup artist and hairstylist, as well as letting her know what color accessories your will be using.






Congrats on your engagement, enjoy every single moment!

Love Monica


MHG beauty