Style matters more than money

Controversial I know! But here is why. If you base your photographer choice on price alone, then there is chance you wont be happy with the resulting images. That’s because there are many different styles of wedding photography. The chances that the cheapest photographer has a style that’s a perfect match for you, is super slim. Conversely you could pay 50,000 for the best photographer in the word – but if they are not your style, you may hate the images.

We believe the key to receiving incredible photos, is to first find a photographer who’s style you love. This is an incredibly personal decision, and its often more gut feeling than anything else. There is something about their images that ‘speaks to you’, or makes you feel an emotional connection. They way they use light, the way the people look, the feeling in the images. Here are some examples of the main styles;

Documentary – Bindi and I are documentary style photographers (with a hint of Fine Art), which means we look for candid moments to tell your story in an artistic way. We are a great match for a couple wanting lots of genuinely natural moments, laughter and tears. With this style the photographer is less intrusive, and images would not normally show people posed or looking at the camera. (The exception is the family portraits !)

Classic/Traditional – This style tends to show moments that are more staged or posed. The photographer is much more heavily involved in your day, in order to coordinate the shots. Images would tend to show people looking at the camera.

Fine Art – This style is posed but much less formal than Traditional. It is often highly artistic with unusual angles, blur and is often much more heavily edited. Film photographers can often fall into this category with a beautiful dreamy look to the images.

Editorial/Fashion – this style draws its influence from magazines and cinema. It is often heavily posed, with added lighting and Photoshop. These images can be very dramatic, and the photographer is fully involved in the wedding day.

Pro Tip  For inspiration on style, have a look on Instagram, Google or sites like Junebug Weddings. Find an image you love, and then follow the link to the photographer. Does their work make you stop, make you laugh, make you wish you were there? Look further, go to their website and look at their blog of a wedding. This is the very best way to get a feel for their work. Ask yourself – is this how I would like my wedding to look.


Set a realist budget, for the style of photographer you want.

With all the different expenses of a wedding, couples often underestimate the cost of a good photographer. Old guides to pricing – such as ‘10% of your total budget’ are also unhelpful, as we don’t actually increase pricing for more expensive weddings ( or reduce them for one at home!).

Instead, a photographers pricing depends on a number of different things such as; skill, artistic ability, location (as in cost of living), experience, the length of wedding, inclusions (like albums), and of course the location. Rather than just one day of work, it is about a week or more, with meetings, site visits, shooting and editing. Not to mention fixed costs like rent etc. All this goes into determining the price a photographer charges.

So in order to set a realistic budget first answer this question. How important is photography to you personally? If the answer is VERY , then you need allow a minimum of $3500 – 6000USD. In this range you will find an experienced photographer with a defined style that is the perfect match for you.

 Pro Tip The old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies to wedding photography. If you hire an inexperienced photographer who is offering a fantastic deal, then you may be playing Russian roulette with your wedding images.

Dubai wedding photographer, Zabeel Saray


Like (and trust) your photographer – your photos will be better for it!

We feel like its incredibly important to meet all our clients before taking their wedding, even if by Skype. Its so important to actually connect on some level – to like each other, and to establish trust. Unlike most vendors, we are there for every single moment of you big day, and its incredibly personal, and at times intimate.

The simple truth is, if we have your trust, then you will relax, and fully enjoy your big day. This is when the magic happens, when you are totally in the moment and only thinking of each other, family and friends. Important? We think so.

Pro Tip Check out a prospective photographers Bio on their website before meeting them. Does their personal information resonate with you, do they sound like fun people? If so, then chances are you will like them on meeting up.

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September 21, 2017
Love this post! The perfect info for a bride and groom to be! Choose wisely as this images will forever be your wedding memory. Bernie and Bindi will, for sure capture your wedding day as a perfect story.
    September 25, 2017
    Thanks so much for your comments Monica! Looking forward to working with you again soon.
September 21, 2017
This is great advice and very much as I have seen and experienced. All photographers have different styles and what resonates with the individual or the couple should be the deciding factor along with all the other great advice given in the hints above! Great tips from great photographers! Really love your work down to earth values and working with you both at Weddings and Events! Highly recommend!
    September 25, 2017
    Cheers Sanjay, we appreciate you comments and kind words. Love your work!!

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